I'm Jithin

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I'm a full stack developer who loves to BUIDL...

Lately I have been exploring the space of web 3.0 and crypto a lot...

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I primarily use React and Node in my projects.
Here are some of the projects that I've built / been a part of...


Full stack web 3 developer at Nethermind

September 2022 to Present

  • * Contributing to Ethernaut.
  • * Ethernaut is an interactive online game that teaches solidity security topics in a hands on way.
  • * Works with the Open zeppelin team to maintain the project and develop new features.
  • * Works on the React as well as the smart contract side.

Full stack web 3 developer at Timespace ventures

January 2022 to September 2022

  • * Worked on architecting and developing the back end of NFT console.
  • * NFT console is an analytics dashboard for NFT creators.
  • * NFT creators can get various statistics related to the NFTs that they created in a single place.
  • * Technologies used - Node, Express, Mongo, Ethers, Dune analytics, Fast API.

Full stack developer at Baton systems

June 2019 to August 2021

  • * Worked on developing user interface of one of the products of Baton sytems from the ground up using React and Next.
  • * Worked on RPA in Node.js that automated multiple business work flows.

Google Summer of code fellow for Processing foundation

June 2018 to August 2018

  • * Designed and developed Dynamic learning, a webapp that teachers can use to teach STEM subjects with the use of interactive visualisations.

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